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Hello friends! Here is my last post about Kyoto. The last post on Kyoto covered the Imperial Palace, Zen Buddhism, Nijo Castle, and the Golden Pavillion, plus a tea ceremony. The latter half of our stay in Kyoto comprises of Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari Shrine, and more!

Fushimi Inari Shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is the head shrine of the kami Inari. Inari is in charge of foxes and farming, and praying to him is supposed to bring bountiful harvests. Merchants also worship Inari as a business kami, bringing in good fortune.

A small shrine before the shrine

The torii gate leading to the shrine

At the shrine

Another torii gate

The Sembon Torii (thousand torii gates) at the shrine

More photos of the Sembon Torii. This leads up to Mount Inari.

List of donators

Fox statue

The main shrine

Another fox statue

The shrine itself! Isn’t it beautiful?

My favorite photo.

Out of all the shrines, the Fushimi Inari Shrine is my second favorite due to how beautiful the path towards the shrine is, and alongside the Sembon Torii, this is a great historical and traditional place to visit in Kyoto.


Arashiyama is a district on Kyoto’s western outskirts. The historic district is made of:

  • The Bamboo Grove is a bamboo forest. Also known as Sagano Bamboo Grove.
  • Iwatayama Monkey Park, where you get to see monkeys
  • The Moon Crossing Bridge, famed for its beautiful views of the cherry blossom trees in spring
  • Tenryu-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple
  • Matsunoo-taisha, a shrine that is found a mile and a half away from the site
  • Okochi Senso, a garden and mansion of a famed Japanese actor

The Bamboo Grove

Our first stop was the Bamboo Grove. This beautiful secluded spot is a popular tourist attraction and is made out of thousands of bamboo trees.

I love how sunlight filters through all the bamboo trees.

The best photo I took of all the bamboo trees

The Bamboo Grove was absolutely beautiful. I love bamboo as it’s flexible and it bends in the wind with ease.

Okochi Sanso and Tenryu-ji

The Okochi Sanso is the former residence of Japanese actor Okochi Denjiro (1898-1962). It is a beautiful hidden gem tucked deep in the Arashiyama mountains.

The Tenryu-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple located in Arashiyama. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and renowned for its beautiful scenery.

Gorgeous cherry blossoms

Gorgeous view of the city

A nice little shrine on top of a mountain surrounded by cherry blossoms-so beautiful!

More yamazakura- mountainside cherry blossom trees

Another gorgeous view of the Kyoto skyline

So many beautiful flowers!

A cute little frog pond

Some more cherry blossoms

A beautiful camellia tree we passed

Some more shots of the shrine grounds

Overall, the garden and temple were both really beautiful. I’m a sucker for flowers and anything nature, so this destination was right up my alley.

Downtown Kyoto and Gion

Our last stop in Kyoto was the city’s downtown-and the famous Gion district, famed for its traditional geisha and maiko. Unfortunately, starting April of this year, tourists are banned from visiting Gion due to prior misbehavior from other tourists. It is quite sad that the Kyoto government had to resort to this, and I am grateful to be one of the last people to ever see Gion before it closed to tourists. There are no photos of any geisha or maiko, as the Kyoto government imposes a fine of 1,000 USD for taking a photo of the famed entertainers.

Walking down this little bridge, and the sakura tree over the creek at night makes a beautiful scene.

A beautiful lantern on the way to Gion

The sign marking the famous Gion district

A lantern in the Gion district

More nighttime cherry blossoms

This shrine is dedicated to wishing bad things on people you don’t like. For example, your boss, or even an enemy. This is one of the most evil shrines I’ve come across in Japan.

In front of the shrine

A beautiful five-story pagoda.

Pokemon Center Kyoto from the night before. It was really fun getting to walk around downtown Kyoto.

Kyoto’s Teramachi street- their famous shopping street.

Overall, Kyoto is such a beautiful city to visit. Although it is sad that certain parts of the city, especially the Gion district, are closed to tourists, Kyoto still is bustling with a more traditional atmosphere than cities like Tokyo.

Have you ever been to Kyoto before?

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