Osaka ebisu bridge

Hello friends! Here’s what I got up to in Osaka! The second largest city in Japan, this used to be one of Japan’s ancient capitals before being turned into an economic and growing hub.


The Dotonbori is a famous district located in Osaka, and is the prime tourist attraction within the city. The street stretches from Dotonborashi Bridge all the way to Nipponbashi Bridge in the Chuo Ward. Dotonbori is known for its bright, colorful signs.

Some of the signs

Another view from the Ebisu Bridge

Bull bench in front of a beef restaurant

Another street view

A cute display at a Studio Ghibli store in the Dotonbori


Sumo wrestler statue

Pigeon standing on the momument plaque

Overall, the Dotonbori was really cool. It also stretches into Osaka’s Metro station, so there is essentially an overworld and an underground shopping complex. Pretty neat!

Osaka Castle

Our first stop was technically Osaka Castle, as we had to drop people who did not sign up for the extension off, so we went for a quick snack break to the castle, then to Dotonbori, and then came back to the castle.

Easily one of the prettiest castles I’ve seen in Japan so far.

We got some snacks from the vendors there as well…

osaka takoyaki
osaka takoyaki

Takoyaki (octopus balls)

osaka Doraemon dorayaki

A Doraemon Dorayaki stand

osaka dorayaki
osaka dorayaki

Overall, Osaka Castle was really beautiful, especially surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Ohatsu Tenjin

One spot I really wanted to go was the Ohatsu Tenjin shrine. This shrine is famous for its matchmaking and love prayers, and is an important shrine for couples or people looking for love. I was actually looking at temples having to do with love. Unfortunately, the one in Kyoto is under renovation, so this was the next best thing.

The shrine was so beautiful, and on our last day in Japan, I basically ran with five minutes to spare to get a cute little wooden heart motif so I could write my name and my boyfriend’s name on them.

Overall, I had a great time in Osaka. It was definitely my favorite place to visit, and I got a few souvenirs, including an octopus friend and a little takoyaki friend.

Have you ever been to Osaka?

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