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Hello friends! Here’s what I got up to when I visited Mystic, Connecticut! The town isn’t too terribly far from Rhode Island. We went to the Aquarium and later Old Mistick Village.

The Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium is a small aquarium located in Mystic. Prices change every day, but we ended up paying $40 per person, which is not ideal especially for a small aquarium. Nonetheless, we had a great time.

Overall, the aquarium wasn’t bad, but it was definitely not worth $40 per ticket as it’s so small. My theory is that they only priced it that high because the town is a popular tourist attraction.

Olde Mistick Village

Old Mistick Village is a shopping village located right across from the aquarium. It has a handful of small shops, and is very quaint and delightful. There were a couple of attractions I wanted to see, such as the Alice in Wonderland-themed tea shop they had there among other things.

Alice in the Village

Alice in the Village is a very adorable and quaint tea shop located in the Olde Mistick Village. The interior is exactly my style: cottage-core but with a bit of a fairytale twist.

I love the interior of this tea shop- it’s full of flowers and everything princessy and fairytale-like.

This particular tea wall got my interest right away.

A Mad Hatter statue

This little frog statue is quite adorable and he is also quite the gentleman.

Some close ups of the gorgeous flower arc

The exterior of the store. So beautiful.

Overall, I loved going inside this shop. We got bubble tea and macarons.

The storefront

Alice’s Haunted Little Bookshop

Next door to Alice in the Village is the Haunted Bookshop. It’s a cute spooky little bookstore and I love how spooky yet quaint and adorable it is.

Cute little skeleton bookkeeper

I loved this creepy portrait that changes every so often.

This little potion cabinet was super neat!

This little mannequin is creepy but quaint.

We went to several other shops in the village, but I didn’t get to take photos of them. However, I really did love going to the village and the aquarium, it was a great date with my partner.

Have you ever been to Mystic before?

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