Newport cliff walk

Hello friends! I know this blog is still on its travel kick, but here’s a spot that’s a little more local! A couple of days ago, I went up to New England to meet and visit my partner for the first time (we are long distance) and needless to say, I’m going back next month in June. We did some exploring and ended up visiting Newport’s Cliff Walk.


Newport’s Cliff Walk is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is a beautiful spot to visit; it’s full of little shops and beaches. I love it because it reminds me of my favorite beach spot in Cape May, New Jersey.

The Cliff Walk

The Newport Cliff Walk is a free 3.5-mile-long walking trail located on Rhode Island’s coast. It offers beautiful views of the ocean but also some of the mansions that were once the summer homes of the rich and famous in the country. Some parts of the walk are more difficult than others. For example, from Belmont Beach to Reject’s Beach is a pretty rough walk without proper attire. Some parts of the walk are easy.

Newport Attractions

Exploring Newport is generally free, but there are some places to go including:

  • Ocean Drive, a 10 mile drive along the coast
  • Bowen’s and Bannister’s Wharves, two docks with shops
  • Gilded Age mansions along the Cliff Walk

Newport cliff walk
newport cliff walk

My favorite view of the whole walk

The forty steps

Ochre Court

Vinland Estate

More daffodils

The Breakers

More ocean views

The Chateau sur Mer

In Newport

After hitting up the Cliff Walk, we went back to Newport’s main street and toured Thames Street, Bowen’s Wharf, and more.

Bell we found on the way.

Sculpture of a guy crashing into a wave

In front of the Boating Museum

I lowkey love clocks like these, they’re so unique.

Overall, I really love Newport, it’s beautiful and has a lot of beautiful ocean views.

A quick life update…

I’ll also be spending much more time up in New England, so expect more posts regarding places like Rhode Island, Connecticut, and other New England places. I’m splitting time between my home state of Delaware and visiting my partner up in New England.

Have you ever been to Newport?

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  1. Oh wow traveling to meet your partner, for the first time? That is very exciting. New Port looks like a great city to visit. My friend and I have been thinking of taking a few weekend trips from New York like Boston. But maybe we could do this too. Love your photos!!

    Allie of

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