Nara deer park

Hello friends! Here is what we did in Nara! Nara is located 30 minutes from both Kyoto and Osaka. Visiting this gorgeous city is a great day trip if you’re located in Kyoto or Osaka. Nara is famous for its famed Deer Park, where wild deer and humans can interact. It’s also home to the Todai-ji, a temple that is home to a giant Buddha.


We visited the Todai-ji first. The Todai-ji i famous for its Buddha statues. In Asia, several countries worship Buddha, and each Buddha statue in the Todai-ji is reflective of those cultures. There is an Indian Buddha and a Chinese/Japanese Buddha.

nara mascot

One of the mascots for the city.


A little deer stand in front of a shop

A cute little private garden

A lot of Japanese shops have this tanuki statue in the doorway- it’s supposed to bring good luck.

A private residence

Little details on the roofs

Entrance to the Todai-ji

The exterior of the temple

The Indian Buddha

A smaller kami

Buddha head statue

The Nyoirin-kannon, the sacred Buddha located in the Todai-ji

Beautiful cherry blossoms dot the sky before the temple

A gorgeous torii and shrine in the temple

Heading towards the deer park

The temple was very beautiful and I really enjoyed the challenge of finding all seven statues within the temple.

Deer Park

This is the really fun part of our trip to Nara. You can feed the wild deer some biscuits made of buckwheat flour. In a pinch, the biscuits can also be eaten by humans. The biscuits cost 200 yen for a pack of ten. Be sure to split your biscuits into tiny pieces, and make sure to give away the biscuits quickly, as deer will swarm you and nip at you if they know you are withholding food. It is also wise to hide anything white, as the deer will chew on those items as well.

Some adorable little deer friends

More deer friends

Even more deer friends

I had so much fun feeding the deer, even though one did try to eat my phone charging cord.

Gate leading to the deer park

In front of the Nara museum

The deer park was incredibly fun! I loved feeding the deer, even though I did get swarmed by some extremely stubborn deer who knew I had some biscuits in my bag.

Lunch and Sanjo Dori

After the deer park, we went to have lunch and to shop in Nara’s Sanjo Dori. Sanjo Dori is a shopping street.

My lunch.

A cool little macaron vending machine.

A pagoda we passed by

A little deer statue

Nara Station

A pond in Nara’s town center

A graveyard

We ended up finding this temple while exploring Nara.

Last minute display that I took a photo of.

Overall, Nara is such a charming little city, with its biggest attraction being the deer park. Nara was definitely one of my favorite places to visit out of all of Japan. The deer would even eat leaves out of my hand when I didn’t have any more biscuits to give them.

Have you ever been to Nara before?

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